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Friday (13/10/17)
9 AM-11:00 AM  
Chairs: Prasanna Kumar ( Bangalore) , Abdul Majeed( Calicut ), Anoj Kumar Baliarsinha (Cuttack)
Plenary 1:  Peri-operative management and outcomes of transphenoidal surgery for Cushing’s Disease :  John Newel Price (UK) 
Plenary 2: Male hypogonadism- New insight and the future:Shailender Bhasin (USA)
Plenary 3:  Primary aldosteronism- update :Dr. William F. Young Jr (USA)
11:00 -12.00 pm : Dr. P.N Shah Oration: Dr. Thomas V. Paul ( Vellore) Chair: Dr. S.K. Singh, Dr. Krishna Seshadri, Dr. K Kannan
12.00- 1.00 pm : Dr. Subash Mukherjee Oration : Dr. Tushar Bandgar ( Mumbai) Chairs : Dr. S.K. Singh, Dr. Krishna Seshadri, Dr. Harish Kumar ( Kochi)
1.00 -2.00 PM  1.00-2.00 PM 1.00-2.00 PM  
Meet the Professor 1
John Newel Price (UK)
Chair : Padma S. Menon( Mumbai)
Meet the Professor 2
Shailender Bhasin( USA)
Chair: Pramod Gandhi ( Nagpur)
Meet the Professor 3
William Young( USA)
Chair : M.S. Seshadri( Coimbatore) 
LUNCH: 1.00-3.00 PM
2:00 -4:00 PM (ADRENAL)
Joe George ( Calicut)
M.V. Muralidharan ( Trichur)
2:00-4:00PM (PITUITARY)
Suresh Damodaran (Coimbatore) ,
Sona Abraham( Delhi) )
2:00-4:00 PM (DIABETES)
Phulrenu Chauhan ( Mumbai)
, K.P. Paulose ( TVPM)
Talk 1
Screening Pheochromocytoma- Which tests to choose
Rajesh Rajput,
Talk 1
Hypophysitis- Practical approach Mala Dharmalingam,
Talk 1
New generation basal insulin: redefining patient experience
Helen L. Baron ,
Talk 2
Novel replacement strategy: Adrenal insufficiency
Jayaprakash P,
Talk 2
Management of pituitary adenoma in young
Anil Bhansali ,
Etiology of type 2 diabetes: a single process irrespective of BMI’
Roy Taylor ,
Talk 3
Adrenal Incidentaloma evaluation:
Nilanjan Sengupta, Kolkota
Talk 3
Craniopharyngioma: management issues
Vijayasarathi ,
Talk 3
Beta cell dedifferentiation: current concepts
Krishna Seshadri,
Talk 4 :
Cushing’s disease and Radiotherapy: newer insights for age old treatment modality
 Anurag Lila ,
Talk 4
HPA axis assessment – Practical approach
R Muralidharan ,
Talk 4 :
TBD Managing high insulin requirements: focus on concentrated insulins. 
Unnikrishnan AG, Pune
Talk 5:
Challenges in management of the adult CAH patient
Vimal M.V,
Talk 5:
Pituitary dysfunction after traumatic brain injury:
Prema Varthakavi,
Talk 5:
Clinical applications of genetics of diabetes : an Indian Perspective
Nihal Thomas,
4:00-6.00 PM ( THYROID)
Pradeep P( Calicut)
Sanjay Kalra( Karnal)
4:00-6.00PM ( PEDIATRIC & Adolescent)
Reghupathy P ( Banglore)
Saptrishi Bhattacharya(Noida)
4:00-6.00 PM ( CUTTING EDGE)
Henry Rajretnam ( Lanka)
CM Batra ( Delhi)
Talk 1:
Pre & post iodization scenario of thyroid disease epidemiology
RV Jayakumar,
Talk 1:
XY DSD- challenges in diagnosis and practical approach in the Indian setting 
Anurag Bajpai
( Kanpur)
Talk 1:
Closing the loop: challenges and opportunities
Sunil Jain ( Indore)
Talk 2 :
Evaluation and management of BSRTC Category 3 thyroid nodules
AG Unnikrishnan,
Talk 2 :
BMD assessment in children indication and practical uses:
Shivaprasad C
( Bengaluru)
Talk 2 :
Hypoparathyroidism- Recent advances
Ravinder Goswami
( New Delhi)
Talk 3
Graves’s opthalmopathy: beyond conventional treatment
Ankush Desai (Goa)
Talk 3
Dyslipidemia Children : approach to diagnosis and management
Ambika Ashraf ( USA)
Talk 3 :
Molecular markers in Endocrinology, how useful are they ?
Sathyapalan T ( UK)
Talk 4 :
New aspects to Management of Grave’s disease in pregnancy .
Susan Mandel( USA)
Talk 4
Optimsing the use of GnRH agonists in central precocious puberty
Sambit Das ( Bhubaneswar )
Talk 4 :
CVOTs of SGLT2i: Newer Perspectives
Vlado Perkovic
6-7 PM: Corporate Symposium
Know more
6-7 PM: Corporate Symposium
Know more
6-7 PM: Corporate Symposium: Novo Nordisk
Know more

Saturday (14/10/17)
8:00-9 AM 8:00-9 AM 8:00-9 AM  
Breakfast symposium Ipca Breakfast Symposium:
Chairperson: Dr. Manoj Chaddha, DM Endocrinology, Hinduja Hospital, mumbai
Topic 1: Inflammation and Diabetes – the Connect –
Dr. Ms. Mala Dharmalingam, DM Endocrinology, M S Ramaiah Hospital, Bengaluru

Topic 2: Role and Relevance of Hydroxychloroquine in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus –
Dr. A G Unnikrishnan, DM Endocrinology, Chellaram Diabetes Centre, Pune
Breakfast symposium  
9 AM –11: 00 AM :
Chairpersons: Dr. Sarita Bajaj ( Aurangabad), Dr. Parag Shah ( Ahmedabad) , Dr. Sridhar GR ( Vishakhapatnam)  
Plenary 1:  Long term reversal of type 2 Diabetes to normal glucose tolerance .  Roy Taylor ( UK)
Plenary 2:  Immunotherapy – induced endocrinopathy with reference to thyroid  Krish Chatterjee ( UK)
Plenary 3:  Osteoporosis: Current Consensus and new therapeutic strategies  Manju Chandran ( Singapore)
Oration 3:
MMS Ahuja Oration: Prof. Mala Dharmalingam
Chair: Dr. S.K. Singh, Dr. Krishna Seshadri, Dr. B. Jayakumar (TVM)
Oration 4:
Presidential Oration: Prof. S.K. Singh
Chair: Dr. Krishna Seshadri, Das A.K. , A. H. Zargar ( Srinagar)
1.00-2.00 PM (60 MINUTES) 1.00-2.00 PM (60 MINUTES) 1.00-2.00 PM (60 MINUTES)
Meet the Professor 4
Krish Chatterjee ( USA)
Santhosh R ( Hyderabad)
Meet the Professor 5
Ambika Ashraf (USA)
Bipin Sethi( Hyderabad)
Meet the Professor 6
Sathyapalan T ( UK)
Nithin Kapoor( Vellore) 
LUNCH: 1.00-3.00 PM,
2.00-3:00 PM: Poster and exhibition viewing
HALL A:3:00-5:00 PM  HALL B : 3:00-5:00 PM  HALL C :3:00 PM-5:00 PM
( Growth Disorders)
Mihir Saikia ( Guwahati)
Nikhil Bhagwath ( Bombay)
S. Sridhar ( Chennai)
V. Sasikumar ( Trivandrum)
KK Gupta ( Meerut)
Philip Finny ( Thiruvalla)
Talk 1
Growth Charts: Current concepts
Varman Khadlikar ( Pune)
Talk 1
Idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism: Enhancing Bench-side understanding and Bed side care. 
Nalini Shah ( Mumbai)
Talk 1
Vitamin D deficiency:? Who to screen and whom to treat :
Manoj Chadha ( Mumbai)
Talk 2
Somatopause: current concepts
Shashank Joshi ( Mumbai)
Talk 2
Fertility preservation in impending gonadal failure 
Sujoy Ghosh (Kolkata)
Talk 2
FGF 23
Dr. Eesh Bhatia ( Lucknow)
Talk 3
Optimizing GH therapy for better height outcomes
Anna Simon, (Vellore)
Talk 3
Approach to “ low testosterone level“ in the clinic  
Raju Gopal ( Calicut)
Talk 2
Abnormalities in Calcium metabolism in CKD : Management issues
Manju Chandran( Singapore)
Talk 4
Recurrent / persistent Acromegaly : Management strategies
Vagesh Ayyar ( Bangalore)
Talk 4
Transgender : Challenges in Endocrine and surgical management 
Sruthi Chandrasekharan(Chennai)
Talk 4
Osteoporosis in men: challenges in diagnosis and management
Sushil Gupta ( Lucknow)
Talk 5
Adverse effects of long term GH therapy
Jayanthi Ramesh ( Vizag)
Talk 5
Pubertal issues in Turner syndrome :
Rajesh Khadgawat ( New Delhi)
Talk 5
Endocrine Management of Osteogenesis Imperfecta-Current Status
Nisha B (Kochi)
5:00-6:00 PM (FREE PAPER 1 ) 5:00-6:00 PM(FREE PAPER 2 ) 5:00-6:00 PM (FREE PAPER 3)
6-7 PM: Corporate Symposium
Know more
6-7 PM: Corporate Symposium
Know more
6-7 PM: Corporate Symposium
Know more
7:00-8:00 PM : GENERAL BODY

Sunday (15/10/17)
Judges :
R.V. Jayakumar ( Kochi) , Pramila Kalra ( Bangalore), Abhay Ahluwalia ( Bangalore)
Debate 1: Chair :
JP Sahoo , Deep Dutta
Debate 2:
Madhu SV ( Delhi)
Debate 3:
Althamash Sheikh 
DPP4 inhibitor should the first choice after Metformin for most patients with type 2 diabetes
Awadhesh Kumar Singh, Kolkata

SGLT 2 i should the first choice after Metformin for most patients with type 2 diabetes
Shriraam Mahadevan ( Chennai

Universal thyroid screening in pregnant women should be recommended For :
Against : Dr. Muthukumaran Jayapaul ( Chennai
Osteoporosis: Drug holidays after bisphosphonates should be a norm in all patients
For : Prakash Keshwani ( Jaipur)
Against : Debmalya Sanyal (Kolkata)
Sathi Pillai (Trivandrum) , Mini Pillai ( Kochi)
11 AM-1.00 PM Lipid & Obesity
Bahuleyan CG ( TVPM),Sunil Menon ( Trissur)
11 AM-1.00 PM :
Ajay Gupta (Indore) Sachin Chittawar( Bhopal)
Talk 1
GDM diagnostic criteria: evidence base
Abhay Sahoo (Bhubaneshwar)
Talk 1
NASH- Outcome & Management
Rakesh Sahay ( Hyderabad)
Talk 1
Erectile dysfunction: emerging concepts
V. SriNagesh, Hyderabad
Talk 2
Pregnancy and Sub clinical hypothyroidism : critical appraisal of the new guidelines
Manash Barua (Assam)
Talk 2
Cholesterol controversies
K.V. S Hari Kumar ( Haryana)
Talk 2
Management of chronic SIADH in guidelines- where do we stand
Prathosh Gangadhar, Calicut
Talk 3
Non hormonal options for management of menopausal hot flushes : current status
Sadish Kamalanathan ( Pondicherry)
Talk 3
Newer lipid treatment strategies
Prem Kumar ( Salem)
Talk 3
Hypophosphatemia- Approach in India
Karthik Balachandran, Chennai
Talk 4
Management of Adrenal disease in pregnancy
Dipti Sharma (Guwahati)
Talk 4
Endocrine follow up of post bariatric surgery patients
Ganapathy Bantwal ( Bengaluru)
Talk 4
Approach to follow up of prolactinomas
Chanukya G.V.(Hyderabad)
1.00-2.00 PM Lunch
2 PM Valedictory Function
Disclaimer: This is not a fully confirmed program. Minor changes may be made by organizers in the event of faculty non-availability. Changes may be made in choice of halls and venue