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  • Final list of accepted abstracts for posters and oral papers for communications have been uploaded in the website | Poster preparation guidelines also announced. | Pleased to inform that TCMC has granted 7 credit hours for ESICON2017. This includes 2 for attending pre-conference CME also.

Prize Winners

Prize Winners

Diabetes and Obesity
Poster Category Name of Presenter , Institute Title of study
FIRST PRIZE Riddhi Das Gupta (CMC, Vellore) Insulin secretion, Insulin sensitivity and Adipose tissue characteristics in Asian Indians with ‘lean’ (<19 kg/m2)diabetes: Insights from ‘metabolomic’ and pancreatic clamp studies from South India
SECOND PRIZE Alpesh Goyal (AIIMS, New Delhi) To study the distribution of glucose tolerance among women with previous history of gestational diabetes mellitus by IADPSG criteria and their spouses
THIRD PRIZE Geethalakshmi Sampathkumar (AIMS, Kochi) Prevalence of maturity onset diabetes of young associated mutations in patients with young onset diabetes and significant family history
Reproductive & Pituitary
FIRST PRIZE Karthik Subramaniam (SGPGI, Lucknow) Cardiovascular disease risk assessment in the siblings of women with polycystic ovary syndrome
SECOND PRIZE (tied) Darshana Sudip Thakur (BYL Nair, Mumbai) Optimizing the clonidine stimulation test
SECOND PRIZE (tied) Kaushik Sen (IPGMER, Kolkata) Bilateral inferior petrosal sinus sampling: The IPGMER, Kolkata experience
Bone and Adrenal
FIRST PRIZE Kripa Elizabeth Cherian (CMC, Vellore) Postmenopausal osteoporosis – Age stratified prevalence and optimal age for screening: A study from rural South India
SECOND PRIZE (tied) Geena Susan George (Govt. Med college, Tvm) ACTH stimulation test with long acting ACTH preparation for the diagnosis of adrenal insufficiency
Basic Science and Miscellaneous
FIRST PRIZE Amit Goel (VIMS, Bangalore) Normative values for electrochemical skin conductance measurements for quantitative assessment of sudomotor function in healthy Indian adults
SECOND PRIZE (tied) Nikhil Lohiya (Bharati Hospital and Research Centre, Pune) Association of dietary intake and physical activity with body composition and growth in 3-18 year old Indian Children

FIRST PRIZE (tied) Dr. Kishan Delampady (SGPGI, Lucknow)  
FIRST PRIZE (tied) Dr.Shiga Rappai Chirayath (AIMS, Kochi)  
Basic, Translational and Comparitive
FIRST PRIZE Dr. Shivendra Verma (CMC, Vellore)  
Poster Riddhi Das Gupta (CMC, Vellore)  

First (Rs 10,000) Dr. Alpesh Goyal
Dr. Sreejith M
AIIMS, New Delhi
Second (Rs 5000) Dr. Harsh Durgia
Drs Nalini
Dr. Patanjali
JIPMER, Puduchery, St Johns Medical college, Bangalore
Third (Rs 3000) Dr. Darshana Thakur
Dr. Nikita Shah
Dr. Suhas Khaire
Topiwala National Medical College, BYL Nair Ch. Hospital, Mumbai,Maharashtra, India.
  Dr. Ashu Rastogi PGI , Chandigarh
  Dr. V. Sri Nagesh Hyderabad