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Dear Colleagues,

ESICON is a celebration of endocrinology in India. From a fledgling side show at the associaiton of physician’s of India’s annual conference ESICON has become a power house program that fulfils the continuing education aspirations for endocrinologist and the “interested in endocrinology” physician alike. This year the program is packed with stellar global speakers national experts and budding stars from the indian. constellation. Dr Jabbar, Dr Mathew John and their star team have made an extra effort to create an unforgettable scientific event. Increasingly ESICON is becoming a platform that showcases research from India both clinical and translational. The orations honor the work of outstanding research. The scientific team of ESICON has collaborated with the IJEM team to ensure that an international platform is created for researchers to present their work. From this year – abstracts from ESICON will be a regular feature of the IJEM – the flagship journal of the society. Sessions focused on trainees which was a star attraction last year will continue. ESICON 2017 at trivandrum is a reflection of the society itself – a continuation of its soon to be fifty year tradition and change into a more transparent responsive and connected society. I join the organisers of ESICON in welcoming you to the warm and hospitable south – and hope that ESICON 2017 will exceed your expectations

Dr. Krishna G. Seshadri
Honorary Secretary.